Laetitia Casta

Born the 11th of May, 1978.Although she surprisingly didn't attract many males while in school and recalls feeling awkward and self-conscious, her luck began to change at age 15. Laetitia was discovered by a photographer and an agent from an important Paris modeling agency, Madison Models, while on a beach near Corsica. Modeling contracts and appearances in magazines quickly ensued. Next came her work with Victoria's Secret, in 1996. Laetitia graced many covers of the Victoria's Secret catalog, featured as one of the Angels, the name attributed to the other four models of the company. In 1997, Laetitia joined the ranks of fellow models by appearing in the popular Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, for a total of three consecutive years. One of the biggest highlights of Laetitia's career is her relationship with designer Yves St. Laurent. The designer has considered Laetitia an inspiration since 1998, and consequently the outfits she wears to public appearances are all personal Yves St. Laurent creations.

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